01.14.2022 - Bubby Rose's

Good pastry loves a good coffee.

top down shot of man holding Bubby Rose's dark blend and espresso coffee
headshot of Bubby Rose's owner Andrew Diba

gif of photo collection for Bubby Roses

Bubby Rose's slogan on a pale yellow background

Bubby Rose's is an unpretentious family owned bakery, a fan favourite on the local Victoria food scene. For years however, they've struggled to clearly communicate to their loyal customers the large variety of carefully prepared products, baked goods, meals and services that they offer.

Shape Design worked with the Bubby Rose's team during their recent expansion into a 5th location. We began by designing packaging for Bubby's new line of in-house roasted coffee beans. Next, we worked to develop a website as hospitable as Bubby Rose's itself. We wanted to attract new customers while engaging their existing audience with fresh content, all the while using a clear strategy to effectively communicate the diversity of Bubby's offerings.

Services Rendered

Website Design
Packaging Design
Visual Direction

back and front view of Bubby Rose's Medium blend coffee
opening Bubby Rose's coffee bag
Bubby Rose's coffee blends displayed on shelf
gif of Bubby Rose's coffee label versions

The 5th Bubby Rose's location at Kings Road adds 2 new elements to their brand: a brick-oven pizzeria, and a curated selection of coffee beans roasted right in front of their customers.

Our journey designing the coffee bags began with a close look at the customers who frequent Bubby Rose's. We found that the regulars are a diverse bunch: university students, families, construction workers, and retired friends gossiping about the news. Because there were so many different kinds of people using the cafes, we liked the idea of incorporating "multiple perspectives" directly into the packaging.

With a nod to the cubist art movement, in particular the painter Juan Gris, we created a custom illustration that maps organically onto all sides of the coffee bag. We were drawn to cubism because it is recognized as an art movement that blends multiple perspectives into a single piece - this directly reflects the diverse and inclusive community centred around Bubby Rose's. We chose a modern but friendly typeface, and applied a similar "cubist" approach towards the text layout, using different sizes and weights to enhance the overall feeling of multiple perspectives.

wireframe for Bubby Rose's website
menu styling for Bubby Rose's website against pale yellow background

button styling for Bubby Rose's website against marmalade orange background

testimonials styling for Bubby Rose's website against dark grey background

Moving into the website design, we needed a clear strategy to present Bubby Rose's as a cohesive brand. Each of the 5 locations is unique from the next, with some spots only serving coffee and baked goods, while others serve a complete breakfast and lunch menu. Their newest location was no exception, adding a dinner menu (brick-oven pizza) and a Roastery to the line-up of Bubby Roses offerings.

Instead of trying to describe what each location specialized in, we focused instead on defining what the overall Bubby Rose's brand stands for. We highlighted the most important services they offer while trimming away unimportant details that were more confusing than helpful. The result is a streamlined presentation that clearly captures the most important aspects of Bubby's - bakery, cafe, pizzeria.

Alongside developing a brand strategy, we took the website as an opportunity to deepen the Bubby Rose's look and feel for a more recognizable visual direction. Pulling warm colours from the coffee bag palette, we applied these to a system of rounded shapes we used across the site on buttons and other details. The tagline "good coffee loves a good pastry" was collaboratively written between Bubby's and ourselves; we wrote the rest of the copy with the same clear and friendly voice. Finally, we worked closely with our photographer to capture images that felt unpretentious and delicious. We wanted to create a sense of comfort so that guests entering Bubby Rose's felt like they were coming into their "home away from home."

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