Shape is a branding and graphic design studio based in Victoria BC.

Photograph of Shape Design Team, featuring John, Jordan and Richelle

We are a team of forward-thinking designers who are passionate about developing bold identities for brands that have something valuable to share with the world. We actively seek out projects that foster sustainable futures, shaping graphics, packaging and websites that demand engagement. We use research and technology to craft flexible identities that thrive in both digital and physical environments.

We're passionate about collaborating with open minded businesses who look to build connections with their people. Our process begins by listening closely to the stories our clients tell us, and then by building a strong foundation that responds to the particulars of each situation. Our goal is to create work that is more than aesthetic - we strive for functionality and emotional engagement that results in design worth talking about.

We design graphic systems, packaging, and digital environments for bold brands.

Our team

Image of Jordan in black and white walking across the road

Jordan Campbell - Principal, Marketing & Sales

Jordan Campbell has always had a knack for building objects. Growing up, he spent countless hours in the family workshop building tables, elaborate science models, and over the last few seasons building a summer cabin from as many upcycled materials as possible. Jordan later apprenticed as an electrician, which allowed him to experiment with his own lighting projects on the side.

Jordan’s passion for creating objects has led him into a love for building strong businesses. As an entrepreneur, Jordan founded a mobile fitness company and worked as a commercial realtor. In 2018, Jordan approached John about starting a design firm, not only as a means to return to his true passion, experimenting with objects and lighting, but also as a way to condense his entrepreneurial experience into a cohesive whole. Thus, Shape Design was born, and Jordan’s most elaborate enterprise was off the ground…

image of John in black and white eating a sandwhich

John Shukin - Principal, Creative Director

John Shukin has been surrounded and fascinated by art and design his entire life. From an early age, he designed books, original typography, skateboard ramps and concrete forms. Some of his favourite memories are from wandering around museums like the National Gallery and the MOMA in New York. Influenced by an eclectic childhood, John creates broadly across a range of mediums, always seeking to merge the line between art and design.

After Graduating with a double major in Design and Philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal, John Shukin co-founded Shape Design with Jordan Campbell to make design that truly deserves to exist. Inspired by creatives like Dr. Seuss and the Eames', John strives to create art and design that is refreshingly simple and gives joy to those who use it.

a photo of Richelle in the forest in black and white

Richelle Veñegas - Brand Designer

Richelle Veñegas took an art class at the age of eight and has owned a sketchbook ever since. Born and raised in the Philippines, her fondest memories were of playing in abandoned houses, learning palm weaving and attending vibrant fiestas. After moving to Canada, Richelle’s inquisitive mind and keen awareness for detail continue to allow her to find delight and inspiration in her surroundings.

As both artist and designer, Richelle graduated with an advanced diploma in Illustration and Design from Capilano University in Vancouver. She has since worked in-house for a range of industries, before moving to Vancouver Island to immerse herself in the raw and wild beauty of the West Coast. When she’s not surfing, you can find Richelle searching for unique forms and colour palettes through the lens of her camera. She joined Shape Design eager to uncover authentic identities and explore a holistic approach to visual communication.

photo of a dog named Moose biting a stick in black and white

Moose - Outreach Officer

Moose is one massive cuddle puddle. Beyond being handsome and loyal, he has a discerning palate - he loves beef jerky and Red Barn sandwiches, but won’t eat his lettuce. You can catch him napping around the studio, or wearing his stylish “mutt muffs”. Moose joined Shape Design eager to pursue his passion for achieving the perfect work/life balance.

Shape Design was founded by John and Jordan in 2018.

Image of John Shukin and Jordan Campbell against a bright window
John and Jordan focusing on work