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Innovation is not just about using new materials (although we do), but is also about finding creative and inventive ways of rethinking existing constraints to provide the most positive outcomes. We like to connect the dots in new and unexpected ways. Lateral thinking for us is as much about refining our methods of production as it is about our designs – we strive to innovate from beginning to end.

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A carefulness and thoughtfulness that extends not just to how something looks, but to how it can be used and how it might influence other users who interact with it. We like to imagine that the things around us talk to each other at night, and we want to make sure that their conversations are full of jokes and philosophical insights. We take the expression “everything is connected” seriously, and apply it directly to our creations.

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Design never exists in a vacuum, and we don’t like creating in one either. We produce with context in mind, and are obsessed with financial, material and sustainability principles, keeping our creations current with the changing world. We live with our products and thrive when creating on a range of scales and for a range of people, relying on collaboration and the insight of others to achieve more with less.

Image of Jordan Campbell, Owner and manager of marketing and sales crossing the road

Jordan Campbell

Owner, Marketing & Sales

Jordan Campbell has always had a knack for building objects. Growing up, he spent countless hours in the family workshop building tables, elaborate science models, and over the last few seasons building a summer cabin from as many upcycled materials as possible. Jordan later apprenticed as an electrician, which allowed him to experiment with his own lighting projects on the side.

Jordan’s passion for creating objects has led him into a love for building strong businesses. As an entrepreneur, Jordan founded a mobile fitness company and worked as a commercial realtor. In 2018, Jordan approached John about starting a design firm, not only as a means to return to his true passion, experimenting with objects and lighting, but also as a way to condense his entrepreneurial experience into a cohesive whole. Thus, Shape Design was born, and Jordan’s most elaborate enterprise was off the ground…

Image of John Shukin, owner and principal designer, eating a sandwich and looking into the distance

John Shukin

Owner, Design

John Shukin has been surrounded and fascinated by design and art his entire life. From an early age, he designed books, original typography, skateboard ramps and concrete forms. Some of his favourite memories are from wandering around museums like the National Gallery and MOMA. Influenced by this eclectic childhood, John creates broadly across a range of mediums, always seeking to merge the line between art and design.

After Graduating with a double major in Design and Philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal, John Shukin co-founded Shape Design with Jordan Campbell to make objects that truly deserve to exist. Inspired by creatives like Eva Hess and Dr. Seuss, John seeks to reconstitute West Coast design through simplified production methods, attention to material detail and an aesthetic functionality.

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