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Shape Design was founded in 2019 to work closely with brands who want to build a future for themselves and the communities they serve.

We offer the following services

Graphic of letter "s" being edited in a design program

Identity Design

A logo and design system that reflects your values as business & community leader.

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Brand Position

Understand your audience, strengthen your values, present clear & meaningful messaging.

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Web Design

Engage your customers online, boost sales & create a memorable user experience.

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Physical Things

Stationary, signage & packaging – tactile encounters with your brand.

We are small but mighty, a hub for creativity and innovation. From our network of collaborators, Shape assembles the best possible team for each project. Collaborators are experts in the areas of web development, animation, fabrication, digital marketing, printing, video, photography and more.

man setting up hanging installation of origami seagulls

John Shukin

Owner, creative director

John Shukin has been surrounded by art and design his entire life. From an early age he designed books, original typography, skateboard ramps and concrete forms. Some of his favourite memories are from wandering around museums like the National Gallery in Ottawa and the MOMA in New York. Influenced by an eclectic childhood, John creates broadly across a range of mediums, always seeking to build a strong connection to the people and environment his work lives in.

At the heart of every project is the desire to actively shape design that will 1) Function according to the needs and parameters that will grow and strengthen the community the work is destined for, 2) Celebrate difference and highlight diversity as unique selling propositions, and 3) Create connections between clients, team members, and the places and spaces they cohabit.

Curious about how your next project will unfold?