CureMPS – February 2023

Shape had the pleasure of working with the Hoskins Family to create a brand identity and website that looks to foster hope and build connections as a way to support and help fundraise a cure for their son, Simon.

The brand concept is called the “Molecular Gobbler.” Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 4A or MPS for short, is caused by the absence of specific enzymes that break down long-chain sugar molecules. Over time, these molecules accumulate in every cell in the body causing permanent and progressive damage. The “molecular gobbler” is a lysosome that floats around gobbling up sugar molecules, a symbol of hope and tenacity for Simon.

logo for rare disease on a light beige background
drawing of logo
moodboard comprising type, images, graphics and colours
Banner with graphic and invitation - Shape Design
collection of graphics, type and images showing styles for curemps
invitation for special event

Curious about a new identity?