Image of hanging protective barriers in Acacia Health Clinic

Ongoing - COVID-19 Protective Barriers

COVID-19 solutions: Designing trust back into...

Custom Projects

Shape offers design and fabrication services for custom furniture and architecturally sized items in extensive configurations – from humble ideas to ambitious operations. We experiment with a wide range of materials and finishes, and seek to provide truly custom options for unique projects.

image of firetruck red bolts

04.15.2020 - Langford Fire Rescue

Langford Fire Rescue commissioned 5 of the heaviest...

Detailed image of plywood seams

07.04.2019 - DJ Outsider Workstation

DJ Outsider's desk had us rethinking our plywood...

Console Side Table

Hold the remote, I'll be right back...

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We offer design and fabrication services for graphics and custom objects.

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