02.26.2021 — zeropad

ZEROPAD—Merging quality and comfort into a no-nonsense brand.

Detail photo of zeropad logo printed on textured paper with shadows

ZEROPAD makes high quality reusable menstrual pads that offer an alternative and sustainable approach to period wear. Available in a variety of sizes, ZEROPADs are more comfortable than disposables and create significantly less waste. Combining thorough user testing with an innovative approach to blending materials, the brand's primary focus is on producing the most dependable products possible. Our goal was to craft an identity that was approachable enough to entice new users to try ZEROPAD while also communicating reliability at every touchpoint.

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Brand Identity
Logo Design & Graphics
Digital Brand Collateral
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Components pulled from the zeropad stylescape
Example of an instagram post for zeropad, on a light background
example of an instagram post for zeropad, on a dark background

From the first, it was clear to us that the ZEROPAD experience was all about no-nonsense problem solving, whether it was their rigorous user testing or how their employees are empowered to provide direct and actionable customer service. Our task was to craft a logo mark that relayed the ZEROPAD attitude while feeling appropriate to the brand's niche industry. Because menstrual pads are a wearable item, we wanted to develop a warm and approachable emotional response without losing the dependability of the pads, so customers would feel enticed to expand their comfort zones and try out a new product. The final logo mark is curvaceous but solid, with the flexibility to be used across brand collateral.

We chose Urbaine Rounded as the brand's primary typeface. The letterforms are bold and distinct, with soft edges that further offer a compromise between warmth and the quality guarantee that comes with all ZEROPAD products. Using only the light and bold weights allowed us to create intuitive hierarchies of information, but also to present clear messaging with typography as the main graphic element.

The brand colour scheme is a greyscale palette with the addition of mauve. ZEROPAD does not want to gender their products or brand, including all people with periods as part of their demographic. Together with ZEROPAD, we chose mauve as a means to inject emotional interest into the identity without targeting a specific gender.

Graphic Image of zeropad's branding colour palette
zeropad braxnding typographic selection
logo lockup design for zeropad, on a light grey background
testing of multiple logo marks for zeropad brand identity

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