08.12.2020 - The Original Firestarter

Let the good times roll - a wooden firestarter that kindles roaring blazes.

Image of Firetent and Packaging on a wooden bench

Developed in-house by the Shape team, the Original Firestarter is small and mighty, acting as the catalyst for roaring blazes. The tent comes with all the necessary components, and can easily be snapped together in moments. Tested extensively by our team, the OG Firestarter is designed to get folks outside and enjoying nature. It also serves as an excellent addition to your safety kit, backpack, or glove compartment box.

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Product Design
Packaging Design
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Image of Firetent inside Packaging on a wooden table

During the early stages of development, we spent hours discussing the minutiae of lighting a fire, and more importantly, what happens around a fire once it’s been lit. It quickly became obvious to us that making a fire is an experience unlike any other - the smell of smoke, the crackling of burning wood, the feeling of warmth, and often the taste of campfire cooking. The authenticity of the sensations involved in sitting by a fire make it memorable.

As we began to prototype the OG Firestarter, we knew that it had to be compatible with the “campfire experience” - we wanted the structure of the firestarter to echo the authenticity of building a fire by creating both a practical and engaging product. The component pieces were designed to be simple enough that a child could put them together without instructions, and reliable and functional enough to be useful in the most extreme conditions. We chose matchbox style packaging made from recycled chipboard that could be burnt with ease for additional kindling.

Close up Image of Firetent burning
Image of firetent being assemble on wooden picnic table
Photo of Firetent burning on campfire at night

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