05.28.2021 — The Firetent

Explore Further.

Photo of Firetent Logo Stamp

The Firetent is an outdoor brand guided by the principle of getting folks outside and exploring further. Backing up this belief are a set of core values - education, research and quality - that run through the company and justify everything from product curation to the tone of voice used on messaging. Our task was to craft an identity that would convey these values across all aspects of the Firetent's reach.

Services Rendered

Naming and Tagline
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Website Design
Social Media Collateral

Landscape Image with Firetent Tagline "Explore Further" written across top
Firetent logo on top of picture of camp fire
Green Background with Firetent Values written over top

Our main source of inspiration was pulled from Vintage matchboxes. Not only do they have a distinct visual presence that could be used to distinguish the Firetent, the look and feel reflected the durability that we were seeking to evoke in customers' minds. The final logo mark is a bold typographic treatment that is versatile enough to be used in small sizes online and in print.

Visually, the Firetent's direction is designed to be functional from front to back. We selected a high-contrast colour palette reminiscent of national and provincial parks. As a brand texture on packaging and selected printed material, we used recycled Kraft paper that speaks to an environmental consciousness. And finally, product photos are all of items being used in their natural states, so customers have a clear idea of what they are buying.

graphic showing vintage matchbox covers as inspiration for the firetent
lifestyle picture of people standing by a fire
photo of climber walking across snow covered hill
photo of child helping to build a Firetent firestarter

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