09.02.2020 - Tempo Web

We went bold with Tempo Web.

logo for Tempo Web on dark blue background

Tempo Web was founded on the idea that a website is not only several lines of carefully crafted code, but first and foremost relays an experience to the user. Creating an experience begins with a custom made vision merging the myriad components making up a site, all the way from type and colour selections to functional navigation and concise copy-editing. With this ethos as a starting point, Tempo Web functions as a digital hub, also offering management services to keep existing websites performing strongly, as well as Digital Strategies to help develop clients' online presences and improve their SEO.

Services Rendered

Logo Design
Brand Identity
Website Design
Print Design
Art Direction

business cards options on a dark blue background for Tempo Web

From the very first meeting, the team at Tempo was attracted to geometric shapes. Because of the fast-paced and constantly changing nature of web development, we wanted to convey the feeling of moving forward without sacrificing the sense of reliability that the team provides. Our goal was to make Tempo Web stand out against their competitors, while maintaining their status as a company providing a distinct service.

We wanted to begin our process by choosing a distinctive typeface that would set Tempo Web apart from its competitors: we selected a geometric font called Lemur, designed by Fabian Fohrer. Using the slash from this typeface, we created a simple graphic that could be repeated as a pattern or individually in multiple locations, both digital and physical. After several iterations, this graphic became part of the logo, sandwiched between the words "Tempo" and "Web."

simplified pattern element on light background
simplified pattern element on dark blue background
GIF of typeface being written

Because Tempo Web creates stunning websites, they needed their own website to showcase their ability as developers. Throughout the design process, we knew we wanted to highlight their distinctive font, using simple strategies to create hierarchies of information. Our goal was for Tempo's site to feel modern, clean and navigable, while also conveying the passion for high quality work embodied by the humans making all the magic happen on the backend.

Choosing Tempo's limited colour palette of orange and blue forced our hand into making decisive design choices. Using only these colours in conjunction with the selected typeface, we achieved the effect of unifying the site into a digital space that felt "on-brand" no matter where you looked. As final tweaks, we included a few fun hover effects to increase the user's experience as they navigated through the site.

tempo web homepage scroll

Check out the website here.

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