03.19.2022 - Staerk Hair

Bespoke color and hair.

salon interior with square chandelier

photo of young woman with dark green hair in salon

master hair dresser stylist in salon looking down with dark background

woman having her hair washed by master hair stylist

detail shot of hair colour products

woman with beautiful straight white hair on dark background

Staerk Hair is an award-winning salon that specializes in bespoke color and hair. Located in downtown Victoria BC, Staerk goes to great lengths to give their clients an energizing and reliable experience. The salon's goal? Help their clients achieve a look aligning with how they feel on the inside.

From our very first meeting, we recognized that the Staerk salon carries a distinctive voice - they are bold, refined, and intensely creative. However, their existing online presence didn't convey any of these attributes, which wasn't setting them apart from their competition, and most importantly, wasn't attracting new customers. We began the project by digging deep into understanding who their core clientele was, and then developing a visual direction that aligned with Staerk's voice and appealed to their expanding tribe.

Services Rendered:

Branding & Positioning
Visual Direction
Web Design

moodboard for staerk hair showing images, textures and layout ideas

Our first task was conduct a deep dive into Staerk's core clientele. To this end, we created a persona named Kaerol, who acted as our reference point for the remainder of the project. Kaerol is a strong-minded woman in her fifties, who has worked hard to earn her success. At a bare minimum, she is looking for convenience without sacrificing quality, but as she gets older, she is also looking for more refined and exclusive experiences. Money is not an issue as much as reliability and personalized attention.

Kaerol also has a wild side, a rock 'n roll attitude that stands up for herself, and knows how to get what she wants. The rocker in her feels at home in the rush of New York, and is naturally drawn to brands that feel moodier, darker, and more refined. To capture what Staerk offers while also appealing to Kaerol, we wrote the line "bespoke colour and hair," which became the starting point for the rest of the copy.

Staerk's existing branding had been based primarily on a black, white and chrome colour palette. We thought this was a great place to begin our work, as this limited collection of colours could be used to create strong contrast, giving Staerk's new look and feel more impact.

Because the salon specializes in colour treatments, it was important that we included bold pops of colour into the overall direction. Instead of adding additional colours into the palette, our solution was to use photography - images of polished hairstyles are the key colour components, while supplementary images are in black and white. The brand environment has a predominantly dark background, creating enhanced contrast to the colour images. This speaks to Kaerol's natural gravitation towards moodier brands.

Website mockup showing multiple pages from Staerks new website
animation of button hover effect

Staerk Website footer animation

The Staerk website needed to become an extension of the salon, conveying an exclusive and detail oriented atmosphere. This direction was carefully curated through the graphics, photos, videos, and copywriting elements of the site.

We used animations as a key element to creating a feeling of exclusivity online. There are gleaming effects applied to lines inspired by chrome texturing, there is specific text that animates in on scroll for a “smoother” user experience, and the footer has a moving background animation. On the contact page, we created a custom conditional form that asks new clients the kind of questions we knew other salons were missing. All these ingredients were designed to make Kaerol feel like she was being well taken care of.

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