Ongoing – Research and Development

This is where the magic happens... Material research, new ideas and rapid prototypes.

graphic image of a number of furniture pieces on a red background

Prototype – Weekday Stools

An emerging collection of minimal stools prototyped in plywood. One of the main construction features is the elegant and sturdy lap joint that not only acts as a design detail, but also as a structural component that holds and solidifies the stools.

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image of 3 weekday stools in order from shortest to tallest
Image of John standing on weekday stool

Concept – Linear wall lights

The guiding question behind these concepts was how can we make lines out of light? We wanted to take one of the most basic design elements - the line - and add rhythm and variation, using these to create a minimalist source of light with added interest.

image of linear light in the dark
image of linear light in the dark

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