09.02.2020 - Picnic Coffee

Picnic Coffee is a quirky eatery
serving delicious food and drink - we helped them get their freak on.

pictures of food served at Picnic Coffee

Picnic has earned a loyal following the good old fashioned way, with friendly service and high quality food and drink. Boldly toeing the line between eclectic and fashionable, Picnic has a quirky vibe that sets them apart from their competitors. Our project began with a patio concept that allowed customers to expand into the street during Covid-19, and wrapped itself into an identity refresh, new signage, and a revised menu design.

Services Rendered

Patio Concept and Design
Brand Identity Refresh
Slogan Development
Signage Design
Menu Design

Moving Gif of picnic logo on pink background
Graphic components from previous Picnic Coffee Logo
Graphic components from updated Picnic Coffee Logo

Because Picnic already has a strong fan base, we wanted to modernize their logo without losing the essence of the original mark. We slimmed down the picnic table and reworked the cup to make the logo mark feel more current. To turn up the quirkiness, we introduced 2 new typefaces (including an 8-bit one) to inject more personality into their look. Last but not least, we updated Picnic's colour palette with a new pink and a complimentary orange.

Alongside refreshing their logo, we collaborated with the team at Picnic to develop a catchy slogan. The demographic that dines at Picnic cares about the quality of their consumables. Therefore, the slogan had to not only be short and memorable, but also needed to convey the keen attention to detail that the staff pay to sourcing and creating their food and drinks. We developed several iterations of the slogan to be used across various platforms.

Moving Gif of catchphrase graphics saying scratch food craft drink
graphic detail of menu and slogan variations

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