10.14.2020 - Imagine Cannabis Co.

logo for Imagine Cannabis on a gray background

Imagine Cannabis

Imagine Cannabis Co. is the first licensed cannabis retail store serving the Brookswood-Fernridge communities of Langley, BC. They provide a boutique shopping experience that is warm and professional. Imagine Cannabis is focused on community growth, and believes in creating a positive impact for their customers and the growing cannabis industry. Prompted by their name, we created an identity that goes beyond the familiar and embraces the unknown.


Services Rendered

Identity and Visual System, Business Cards

moodboard for Imagine Cannabis branding
mockup storefront for cannabis dispensary
lighter mockup for Imagine Cannabis showing logo and slogan
gif of Imagine Cannabis logo showing sketch development
Open your mind text on a black background
Graphic image of cannabis leaf on grey background
Imagine Cannabis brand typeface Minerva Modern

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