06.09.2021 — Go Green Plumbing

It's Greener On This Side.

Go Green Plumbing business cards on wooden table
Go Green Plumbing brand identity on light background

Go Green Plumbing specializes in eco-friendly plumbing solutions in Victoria, BC. We created a new brand identity that reflects the company's core value of sustainability.

We took extra care choosing the materials for Go Green's business cards: we used a paper stock made from 100% post consumer waste. We even developed a custom icon that can be used to designate when an eco-friendly material is being used on a job site.

Services Rendered

Brand Identity
Printed Collateral

set of three magnets for Go Green Plumbing on a metal table outside
close up of custom icon on Go Green Plumbing business card proof
gif revealing Go Green Plumbing logo and tagline using magnet design

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