07.04.2019 - DJ Outsider

DJ Outsider's heavy duty workstation had us rethinking our plywood techniques.

Image of wood grain and keyboard on DJ Outisder's Workstation
Line drawing of DJ worktop profile with notes

The Brief

Local musician, DJ Outsider asked us to build a functional yet "cool" worktop for his new pad. He'd had trouble finding a table that suited his exact needs - the ideal workstation needed a wide open desktop with room for his gear, and shelving that fit his specific monitor.

We strive for durability in all our furniture design, and this project was a prime example. Because the work surface was so large, we laminated 2 sheets of plywood together to create an extra solid top, and did the same for the legs and support elements. Everything is bolted together, and a clever brace at the back prevents sideways movement. The end result: a workstation built to withstand DJ Outsider's most house-shaking beats.

Photo of completed DJ outsider desk
Detail photo of shelves on DJ outsider desk

From a design perspective, we took inspiration from retro MPC beat making machines. The look we were going for was "chunky-tech", as well as practical and inherently useable; we wanted to give a nod to the history of beat making equipment while making it feel contemporary at the same time. Our goal was for DJ Outsider to feel right at home behind his new workstation, with all his tools within easy reach so he could stay in the zone.

Profile photo of completed DJ outsider desk
Photo of bolts underneath desk
image of DJ Outsider's desk in his studio

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