04.11.2022 - Ben Farris

Passionate about storytelling.

blurred background image with Ben Farris logo and icon offset

Ben Farris is a lifestyle photographer and videographer who is passionate about bringing his subject and audience together through the art of storytelling. His still and moving images capture a cinematic and emotional atmosphere, holding our attention through the integrity and creativity of his camera lens.

Our initial conversations with Ben manifested into a core consideration: his identity needed to focus viewers towards his portfolio, not distract them with flashy branding. With this in mind, we began piecing together a moodboard to guide the visual direction.

Services Rendered:

Logo Design
Art direction
Web design
Image Curation

Grouping of images that form Moodboard for Ben Farris Project

As we dove into our moodboard creation, we began looking into how a typographic logo mark would become the foundation for us to build a minimal identity upon. Choosing an appropriate font pairing needed to be a critical element in the brand's direction. In addition, we wanted to give the identity a measure of versatility without sacrificing the simplicity of our vision. Alongside fashioning a logo, we decided to create a secondary icon that could be used as a brand element on social media, as a video overlay, as a watermark, etc...

The palette we selected was the result of choosing colours that defined Ben's growing body of work. We liked the idea of including a single warm and brighter tone inspired by the blinking red dot that denotes a video is being recorded. It was also important that we have a "presentation colour" that was off-white - this would allow us to introduce Ben's portfolio with a hint of warmth and character without being overbearing. We made sure to choose muddied colours pulled directly from stills for a natural and earthy appearance, values we took from Ben's personality and vision for this project.

graphic if typeface selection and copywriting
Logo Icon sitting on top of image of clouds at sunset
graphic of natural colour palette used for Ben Farris project
mockup of ben farris website desktop
video still of smoking campfire being lit by Firetent
mockup of ben farris website on mobile

Designing the website was an exercise in restraint. We looked to combine the brand elements we had built - logo mark and icon, typographic choices, and colour palette - into a clean environment for Ben's imagery to live within.

Because Ben shoots lifestyle images that are rarely captured in a studio, we wanted to subtlety convey an attitude of adventure that felt free-flowing without feeling untethered. Each project uses a mixture of asymmetrical and gridded layouts to find this balance.

Finally, bringing the website into cohesion was careful image curation and copywriting. We sifted through hundreds of Ben's stills to select the handful that are currently displayed. Using a mixture of environment and people photos, these images give a strong sense of place and narrative ark to each project that reinforces the notion of storytelling. The copywriting looks to do the same: we wrote brief anecdotes intermixed with important facts to add depth and meaning to the imagery being displayed.

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