05.28.2021 — Aaram Collective

Relieve stress through art

Aaram Collective logo on photo background

Aaram Collective is a creative duo based in Victoria BC, who sell their handmade goodies online. Inspired by the tagline "relieve stress through art," they design and make jewellery and accessories that are bright, cheerful and full of love. Because social media is their primary point of sale, we had the interesting task of developing an "Instagram identity" for Aaram Collective.

Services Rendered

Identity Design
Social Media Collateral
Custom Icons
Printed Collateral

picture of custom made tote bag with oranges floating above
2 images overlapping with "relieve stress through art" written
photo of john's sketchbook with Aaram Collective drawing

Aaram Collective's main point of contact with customers is through their social media channels. Our task was to design a logo that demanded attention at small sizes (i.e. on your phone), while at the same time feeling appropriate on printed collateral and packaging. We developed a cloud icon with the text "Aaram Collective" written in a semi-circle above, evoking the warmth of the sun. We choose a modern sans-serif font with a wide range of weights for a truly flexible identity.

In addition to designing their logo, we created a range of sun icons to be used for Instagram highlights. These graphics featured Aaram Collective's lighthearted colour palette, and provided them with additional branding material.

Finally, we wrapped their entire look and feel into a hand-drawn illustration, meant to build excitement and awareness as the Aaram Collective brand was preparing to launch.

Instagram icons for social media
illustration with hand drawn type
close up image of paper backing packaging

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