image of bamboo cutting boards with handle detail on rough wood table

Workhorse Cutting Board

Ranging in price from $49.99 to $99.99

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image of 3 bamboo cutting boards stacked on top of each other on rough wood table




Natural Wax & Oils




Mini, Medium & Large

Chop, dice, julienne, repeat.

Our Workhorse Cutting Boards have been paired down to their simplest elements - a perfect surface for chopping, and a pair of functional handles to pick it up with. Because bamboo is harder and less porous than wood, it lasts longer and absorbs less bacteria for a cleaner workspace. Oh, and did we mention that bamboo is a sustainable material?

Available in 3 sizes. Designed and produced in Victoria, BC.

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image of mini board with nut and dates on it sitting on a counter


graphic of cutting board dimensions
graphic of cutting board dimensions